About Us

Who we are, the illuminati

Theilluminati is a group of rich and fame people who aim at promoting a worldview that reflect enlightenment ideas like rational thought and self-rule.

Anti-critical and anti-royal, the illuminati is now with revolutionaries than world rulers ,since they sought to infiltrate and upset powerful institutions like the monarchy.

What we do

We are here for you and only you

Is there a way to join the great illuminati brotherhood?

Yes, we all know Beyonce and Jay Z both illuminati members are successful. Our great brotherhood would protect, give you abundant wealth, fame and many more joining this brotherhood simply means the world is under your feat

-The marvelous richness of the human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome..

Conditions for joining

  • Be 18years And Above
  • Always Have Faith & Follow Instructions
  • Believe In A Supreme Being And Ready To Serve
  • Have High Morals And Be Law Abiding
  • Have A Strong Success Consciousness

What you must know


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